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Rug Cleaning

Are you looking for a Rug Cleaner?

Go Carpet Cleaning is a professional Carpet & Upholstery cleaning company based in Atlanta GA.
Your precious rugs require a good take care of!
Area/Oriental rugs can be a pretty expensive business, We are here to give you the best care that we can, to make you satisfied with your rug.

No matter if it's wool, silk, polyester or nylon - we will take care of it, with the attention it needs!
Arua rugs, Like carpets or upholstery, can also absorb a lot of dirt, dust and staines.

But unlike carpets and most of the upholstery, sometimes rugs has to be treated very carefully, since some of them are made of natural fibers, like wool, cotton and silk and not like most of the wall-to-tall carpet - polyester or nylon.

We will go through the cleaning proccess without losing any of the softness of your rug, or the colors. The recommendation is cleaning your rugs between 4-6 months, to keep the colors bright and the soft texture.

Not all of the rugs/oriental rugs are possible to clean on site, Sometimes cleaning a rug will be off-site - that can determined only after seeing the rug.
we will be using a hot water extraction method to reach our best results!

Professional rug cleaning includes a few steps.
Here you can get more information about our cleaning process:

Step 1 - Inspection

The first step of getting your arua rug cleaned is determining what type of fibers your rug is made of, cheking if it's hand-tuffed or made by a machine, check the type of the fiber of the rug, survey the soiled surface and decide if some areas require additional products such as stubborn pet urine stains, spilled food and drinks, dirt etc.


Step 2 - Pre-treatment

The second step, after we got our inspection on your rug, is to start the cleaning process.
First, we apply pre-spray all over the rug, with solution that is safe for rugs with natural fibers, to make it softer and easier for the stains to get cleaned.
Then we use our solution on more heavily soiled stains, spots and on the traffic areas, agitating the heavily stained areas and wait 10-15 minutes before we wash the rug.


Step 3 - Hot Water Extraction

The third step is washing the rug using a high-pressure hot/warm/cold water extraction.
It's very important to rinse out the cleaning solution and balance the Ph levels on your rug and complete the cleaning process, without leaving any damaging residue soaked in the rug and to make sure it stays soft when it's dry.


Step 4 - Drying

The last step of cleaning your rug is drying, it's very recommended to try to avoid walking on a damp rug!!!, in order to reach the maximum result of cleaning.
Allow sufficient time for the rug to thoroughly dry.
The amount of time needed to dry will vary depending on the depth of cleaning your rug required, room temperature and humidity level.
The typical room will be completely dry in 4-5 hours.
Once your rug is dry you can reposition your furnishings and enjoy a brighter and much healthier environment!

Go Carpet Cleaning staff will do everything they can to make you satisfied with your carpets.